NEYSLUTRANS (Consumption Trance) is a thirteen track LP including fan favorites such as nihilist rant HATRED WILL PREVAIL, hitherto unreleased doomsday prophecy NO MERCY, and pop single in collaboration WELCOME TO HELL. A diverse set of collaborators feature on the album, such as queer Palestinian pop artist BASHAR MURAD, hyper-feminine snake-charmer ensemble and rap entrepeneurs CYBER, Icelandic underground rap sensation SVARTI LAXNESS, internationally acclaimed violinist PÉTUR BJÖRNSSON, and renowned Icelandic R&B star GDRN.

Due to a tight touring schedule, first orders will be shipped on February 4th. Pickup available at HATARI concerts throughout the ruins of Europe, whereas shipping fee will be fully refunded. Physical album and new merchandise will be available for purchase at shows.

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